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At least 3,500 refugees are without the basic identification necessary to benefit from the UN repatriation package or to legally enter Liberia and claim citizenship.

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The cost of transport, food, and water for one refugee on the 3 day overland journey from Ghana to Liberia is $200.00 USD. 
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Once citizens reach Liberia they will need a safe place to stay while they reconnect with their families and look for employment and lodging.
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Combined short term and long term reintegration strategies, depending on individual need, will be available to the returning citizens.
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Why are there Liberian refugees in Ghana?

Why is there a repatriation crisis?

There were two consecutive civil wars in Liberia between 1989 and 2003. During this brutal conflict, the country's infrastructure was utterly destroyed and hundreds of thousands of citizens fled their homes into neighboring countries.

Because Liberia is politically stable, the United Nations issued a cessation order that revoked the refugee statuses of all Liberians who fled during the civil wars. They must either integrate into their host countries, return to Liberia, or seek legal immigration status elsewhere.

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