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GroundUp Global serves disadvantaged communities in West Africa by empowering local leaders who have positive humanitarian visions for their communities. We partner closely with the Liberian refugee population on the Buduburam Camp in Ghana, West Africa.

We envision a mutual sharing of capacities between West Africa and The United States, a system of sharing that shifts away from a top-down model of Western Aid and instead acknowledges the multitude of ways in which value exists. Our mission is to empower motivated local leaders to create positive change within their communities.


Welcome to GroundUp Global

The organization defines value as the personal knowledge, cultural awareness, or individual skill sets a person possesses. GroundUp Global holds that an individual living in a developing country has knowledge and skills sets of equal value to an individual living in a developed country. The fact that these areas of knowledge and skill are different creates their respective value within a system of sharing resources. This core component of mutual exchange is foundational to GroundUp Global.

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